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Financial Investment Graphics (FIG) provides marketing and graphic design solutions specialized for the global financial industry.

Innovation in financial services is intricately linked with design. High quality graphic design is a decisive value-creating element for asset management, investment banking, equity research,
and venture capital. 


FIG is a comprehensive design studio providing services ranging from developing specific financial design products to cohesive investment communication ecosystems.    

FIG provides a wide array of customized products:


  • Firm profiles, product fact sheets, newsletters, presentation slide decks

  • Chart design, quarterly and annual report production, research and white-paper production

  • Email marketing design, website design and management, and social media

  • Trade show materials such as banners, booths and giveaways

  • High quality copywriting, language translation, printing and shipping (including international)


FIG ~ Adding Value to Your Marketing Since 2015

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